It is our life Journey: 1.5 years and 30,000 km across Canada. We have discovered a country with spectacular natural wonders. As big as the country is, as rich it is in diversity. It is constantly changing and always unique. What remained the same: the generous, open and welcoming people with whom we are still in touch. Thank you all so much for the hospitality, help and being a family to us!

Especially to Denis and Wayne, taking us in your home on Change Islands and Montréal, spoiling us with the best homemade food, showing us around, sharing your time as well as stories with us and helping wherever we needed it.


To Peggy and Neal for a true friendship, serenity, getting us integrated into the Canadian way of life as well as widening our sense for more sensitivity to nature, society and the best lobster in Cape Breton!


To Valorie and Louise, as well as Christine & Todd + kids, who invited us in their homes on Change Islands and Ottawa as part of their family, celebrating Christmas and more lovely dinners. We felt like being home.


Thank you Tamara and David. To be at home with you, sharing dinners, talking about fishery, history, culture and society. It was an inspiring week!


Thank you Geraldine and Wendel, as well as Marilyn, Delia and Vincent, with whom we shared travel stories, dinners, tasted the best jam in New Foundland and also got a professional haircut! Thank you Marilyn for showing us around St. John’s and making it possible to stay with you.


Thanks to Eileen, Atletha and Linda for the great evening in Bonavista and the contact we are keeping up to this day, that always reminds us of the time on this special part of New Foundland.


Thank you Cheryl and Brian, and Wendy for such a lovely introduction to pottery, house construction in Bonavista and tasty New Foundland dinners.


Thanks to Kathleen and Walt for the wonderful welcoming dinner at your house and the stories you shared with us.

Jellybean Häuser


A big thanks to you Roberta and Jim, as well as to Pete and Georg for the unique opportunity staying in your cabin, taking the canoe, kayak and boat on the river as well as to get to know the people and values of Labrador.


Thanks Chad for the delicious smoked fish, the tour around Postville and an awesome time on our ferry trip up north! Keep it up!


Thanks also to Lorinda and the whole family for the time and the stories at your home, the preparation of the cod and the bottled seal.


Thanks to Gilbert for the opportunity to work as tourist guides in Québec, to learn so much about the city, the people and some Quebecois.


Thanks to Marie-Eve for the wonderful friendship! You were there for all our questions and problems. It was a great help when arriving in Québec! Thanks for the great talks and just listening 😉


Thanks to Marco, spending so much time fixing our car and our neighbor Gilles, in Québec being always in a good mood and giving us advice where to find what.


Thank you Rosa, for the breakfast and all the information about New Brunswick. This was the best way to welcome two travelers!


Thanks to Connie and Joshua for the opportunity to stay & work at the lodge as well as paddle with the canoes into the Killarney park. It was a wonderful time and so nice how you took care of all of us – with BBQ evenings on the boat and family style dinners, bond fires and stories at the lodge! These were unique moments to experience the nature.
Also thanks to Larry spending some days with us, camping at Nelly lake!


Thanks to the great people in Bracebridge that helped us organize the spare tire!

Thanks to Fathom and Riley for the friendships and the exchange of travel information. Meeting you in New Foundland, celebrating Canada day in St. John’s and remaining in contact ever since is awesome.


Thanks Jyelle, for taking us into their home as friends, showing us the city and spending a few sunny days with us in Kamloops. Nice parks. I love the hand clapping thing that made such a strange noise.


A big thanks to the McPhadden family! Tara for the time we stayed in Saskatoon. Thx Ian for showing us the farm life in Mildon as well as Jaclyn and Colin for Letting us built our “base” in Vancouver. With you we were able to discover so much about Canada and felt like being at home. You welcomed us, and taught us about the region as well as life in Canada. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


This has shaped our impression of Canada and enriched our knowledge in so many ways. Amazing how open, curious and helpful everybody in Canada is. We have to come back. The winter cannot be cold enough, the mountains in the west and far north have to be explored more and the Atlantic coast, which has fascinated us since the first time driving up the Cabot trail, will forever be in our hearts and a destination to come back too!

Once again, thank you to all the lovely people who have taken us in their homes all around Cape Breton, New Foundland, Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and BC! You gave us a place to sleep, amazing dinners and unforgettable opportunity to get to know You and the country.
Thank you for the true friendship!

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  1. I am so happy that I met you both at the Canada Day celebrations in St. John’s, NL. You are welcome in my home when you come back to visit NL again! Maybe someday I’ll have an opportunity to visit your homeland. Take care and God Bless both of you!

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