Taking lightweight equipment when going traveling is my key objective. Therefore, I spend a good time to look out for the best products that fit my needs – being lightweight, durable, not to expensive and definitely high quality.
Having setup my gear, I realized at some point that I never updated the most valuable gear I always carry with me – my wallet!
So the research began until I found the worlds thinnest wallet: allett and mule.
In order to compare the get a good comparisment on the various designs I choose the Nylon Small Coin, Leather Sport and the Tuck. Being the thinnest wallets, I was even astonished by the functionalities of the wallets, fulfilling all my requirements.

Taking the wallets on my adventures  – hiking in the Black Forest, bike trip crossing Czech Republic…. (see below for a complete review).
Being outdoors feels real, if you can just go outside, as lightweight as possible. That’s my spirit. I’m happy not needing to take much on my trips – hiking with minimal equipment. What I need on a day trip in the woods?

Tuck <– ID, drivers license, health insurance card, 20 Euro
– Compass
– Hiking map

– Stainless steel bottle
– Snacks & Sandwich

– Mobile phone & camera

– Rain jacket
– Light stretchfleece jacket
– Outdoor pants, hiking boots…

Why are the wallets that spacial? Read my review:
Beginning with the size, the pictures surely show how tiny the wallets are compared to a regual (small) wallet. Espezially when taking the wallets in your hand you will feel the lightness, like holding cotton. Even though the wallets are that small, they can hold 10 or more cards, money, receipts and whatever small you need to carry.


Then the materials: All very elegant, durable, and made out of moisture wicking nylon or soft Nappa leader (with nylon inside) are all very high quality. Available in various colors as well as designs you have a plethora of options choosing your favorite. From sporty to elegant, with or without a coin pocket, RFID protection, ID window, additional card pockets… There are lots of features you can choose from.

The Leather Sport version for example has a great touch, a single money compartment and RFID protection (a thin layer of military-grade RFID blocking material prevents „RFID-skimming“, where a thief is using high-frequency scanners with 13.56MHz holding next to a wallet to duplicate credit cards and passport numbers without touching them).
The wallet measures 78mm x 99mm (3″ x 3.9″) and weights 22,7 gram (0.8 ounces). It can hold up to 10 (or more) cards, still being slim and elegant. Because of the slightly smaler size, huge bills like the 50 Euro note should be folded. A nice feature is the rubber gripped card pockets to secure your cards inside the wallet but still allowing a smooth removal.


Soon after testing the three different wallets for a while, I found my favorite – Nylon Small Coin! Why? Since I love to travel to various countries, I always end up with foreign currencies, coins or notes I want to keep with me. This wallet helps me to have everything organized. With two separate compartments there is enough space for different currencies, or receipts. Even bigger bank notes, like in Germany, fit perfectly inside!

The wallet measures 84mm x 99mm (3.3″ x 3.9″) and only weights 16 gram (0.6 ounces), which is amazing. A special feature is the exterior zipper pocket for change or other small things you need to carry – like my tick twister, taking on every bike ride.

The best part, the wallets are so tiny I can now carry them in my shirt pocket.
There is only one thing – the wallets are that small, you might forget you carry them at all 😉

For traveling I would recommend the Nylon Small Coin with two money compartments or for the minimalist the Nylon Sport. If you like it elegant and slim, go with the Leather Sport or for more day to day usage the Nylon ID.

Another gadget that I always wanted to check out was the Tuck. A beautiful slim leather card holder. It comes with two pockets: a front-facing half opened pocket, for frequently used cards or folded up money, and an interior pull tab pocket to store additional 7 or more cards. Similar to the allett leader version, the wallet is built with a thin layer of military grade, corrosion-proof, nickel and copper mesh that blocks RFID signals up to 3,000MHz.
Nice to know, that the leather is dyed with vegetable based dyes, keeping it chemical-free and environmentally friendly!

I love the slim and elegant style having a perfect size when going out on a business trip. For sure a wallet for minimalists – and you will love it!

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