It’s been 3 years since I wrote my review on the world’s thinnest wallet (from allett). Since then, one of the wallets was always on my trips (depending on the trip/ occasion a different one) – whether hiking/mountain biking in the Alps, hiking next to the Mosel, on our backpacking trip through Sri Lanka, the weekend trips in the area or daily usage on the way to the office.

The quality and durability of the wallets is impressive! No signs of use or wear visible, the zipper works flawlessly and even the leather of the second wallet is like new. Impressed by the longevity, it was time to convince my wife. Just in time for our summer trips I got the opportunity to test the new color collection and present it to you.
Until now, my wife used her ancient leather wallet, stuffed with cards, money, coupons and all kinds of notes as well as bills. It was not only time to clean out, but also to reduce, since we usually take little to no luggage on our cycling and hiking trips.

In comparison, the old wallet and the candidates in beautiful natural colors.

  • Hybrid Card Wallet: 3-10+ cards, folded bills – 103mm x 84mm x 6mm (19.84g)
  • ID Wallet: 3-12+ cards, divided bill pocket – 103mm x 89mm x 5mm
  • Sport Wallet: 2-10+ cards – 77mm x 95mm x 5mm

What distinguishes the allett wallets are the incredibly small size as well as the durability of the high-quality material. In addition, the wallets also have a RFID protection layer and a mini ballpoint pen – HOW GREAT IS THAT!


I used the different models with my usual 10 (credit card sized) plastic cards, about 3-4 bills and 3-4 paper stamp cards.

What the wallets all have in common:
+ Weatherproof rip-stop nylon
+ Tear resistant for long-lasting durability
+ Environmentally friendly Bluesign®-Certified
+ RFID theft blocking protection
+ Silicone no-slip card grips
+ Micro pen

Compared to my previous wallet, the most noticeable new feature is the silicone no-slip card grip strip that protects the cards from falling out. Even though I haven’t had any problems with my cards accidently falling out, I can imagine that the silicone strip is super handy if you don’t have many cards. Sliding the cards in / out, you only have to push or pull a little more than usual.

The differences / characteristics of the individual wallets

ID Wallet: Outstanding is the divided money compartment, which is incredibly handy when traveling and you want to separate different currencies, or even in everyday life to separate notes from bills. My previous wallet also has this divided money compartment and I find it extremely practical. Another feature is the transparent ID compartment, so you do not have to constantly pull out your ID. Definitely useful for anyone who has to show their ticket or other ID regularly!
Besides the ID compartment, there are 3 more compartments to store your cards and group them by purpose – e.g. bank cards, bonus cards, membership cards …

Hybrid-Card Wallet: Also equipped with an ID compartment, the wallet is a little smaller, and has only 3 compartments more to accommodate not only cards but also your money (folded). The wallet is best suited for those who carry little cash but look for a transparent ID compartment.

Sport Wallet: The most compact among the three test wallets, it can also accommodate a bit more than 10 plastic cards within 2 separate compartments. In addition, it offers a money compartment!
In terms of dimensions, the wallet is similar to my previous one, only without a zip compartment for coins, and not having a divided money compartment, which I really appreciate.
With the minimal size, the ability to carry more than 10 cards + a mini pen, the sports wallet is definitely the smallest and most practical wallet in the world!

In comparison to the other wallets, I liked the Sport Wallet best, because you can take out the cards more easily. This is because the cards protrude a little further, so you can grab them more easily.
Unique within all wallets is the high-quality workmanship and the robust material! My selection criterion was also the extremely compact size, because I do not like to carry a bulky wallet in my pocket.

Matching the fall, the colors are awesome: Potters clay, Indigo blue, Mulberry, Cala green and Jet black!

If you do not favor the nylon right away (I really like the smooth feeling), you can choose between various leather or hybrid (leather outside, nylon inside) models. So, there’s definitely a version for every taste, check it out!

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